Back to Boracay

With heavy hearts, we waved goodbye to Bamboo Island and travelled to Busuanga Island where we were to catch the plane back to Manila.

On the way we stopped at Kayangan Lake which is, once again, encompassed by gigantic limestone and lush green plants. The lake is recognized as the cleanest in the country and is made up of 70% freshwater and 30% salt water. After the 200 steps, you are faced with a huge blue expanse of water that looks incredibly inviting. We all had a swim before drying off in the sun.

I don’t think the scenery gets much better than this!


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Raw & Wild – El Nido, Philippines

We set off on Tour C with high expectations. It was our last tour before we moved onto Coron so I was hoping for another amazing day and hopefully more turtles.

We sailed past more amazing rock formations and hidden beaches. Apparently Alex Garland, the author of the novel “The Beach”, was inspired to write the book whilst living in El Nido. After my last few posts, you can see why!


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Boats and Beaches – El Nido, Philippines

We woke up early to the rain still pouring. But there is something about tropical rain that just makes it more acceptable than the rain anywhere else.

I dozed back off for an hour or so and by the time the knock at the door came with our breakfast, the rain had stopped and we got the go-ahead for our first boat tour to begin.

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Advanced Open Water Certification

After successfully completing my Open Water certification, Max suggested I complete the Advanced certification too. Initially I questioned why bother? Getting my Open Water meant I could happily dive anywhere in the world, right? I also secretly didn’t really want to go through anymore laborious theory! However, to dive most wreck sites and see the bigger fish, you need to dive beyond 18 metres, the maximum depth for an Open Water diver.

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Island Life in Boracay, Philippines

Whoops, we have totally lost track of what day / date it is, which I must say, is an amazing feeling!

But to make up for it, I have got lots of pictures to share with you about our island life so grab a bowl of coffee or a cup of tea. Whatever you decide upon, also grab nibbles, a biscuit or 3 and have a little scroll…

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Kitten Rescue in Boracay

We found ourselves a 1/4 pounder!

There is a McDonalds on Boracay but I’m not talking about that kind of 1/4 pounder. I will explain…

As mentioned in my previous post, we stumbled upon a very poorly little kitten on the way back from buying fruit and veg late one evening. In all honesty, I really didn’t want to get myself into this position of responsibility but after a (very) short discussion with the boss man, we agreed that we could not leave this poor thing to die like its sibling did earlier that day. As I am more of a dog person, I am banking on the fact that I shall not get too emotionally attached. Easy to say, I know…


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Diving Day One and an Unexpected Find

One of the main reasons we added the Philippines to our adventures was so that Max could become a Dive Master and I could learn how to dive and take part in other island sports. One of the lovely things about diving is that you can do it all over the world, just you and your boyfriend or husband, exploring the ocean. I think that’s a cool idea and what a beautiful place to learn!



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Arriving in the Philippines

So, from one extreme to the other, we have arrived in the Philippines.

The plane from Dubai was a lot less chic, although still Emirates, and I have never heard so many people coughing. We luckily got a window seat so we both snoozed for the majority of the plane journey. As we woke with crooked necks we touched down in Manila. We needed to get a taxi to a friend’s house in a smart part of town and were immediately offered one for 2100 Peso’s. With a suitcase in one hand, a bag in the other I scrambled for my phone and converted the amount. £30 – Are you kidding me Mr Taxi Man? I pay less for an Uber from Paddington to Fulham. I explained in my most refined Filipino voice, ‘No,no too expensive’ and got him down to 1200 Peso’s which we worked out in the car was still a total rip off.

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