Advanced Open Water Certification

After successfully completing my Open Water certification, Max suggested I complete the Advanced certification too. Initially I questioned why bother? Getting my Open Water meant I could happily dive anywhere in the world, right? I also secretly didn’t really want to go through anymore laborious theory! However, to dive most wreck sites and see the bigger fish, you need to dive beyond 18 metres, the maximum depth for an Open Water diver.

To my delight, there was much less theory in the advanced course. It is primarily about completing different types of dives such as a drift dive, a deep dive and a wreck dive, plus a few others. Along the way there is some learning to be done, most of which builds upon snippets you learn during the Open Water certification.

Whilst I needed to do some reading for my Advanced, Max needed to begin his Dive Master training. We decided do this somewhere a little more scenic and relaxing than inside the flat or at the dive shop. We picked Spider House, a small, authentic hotel that looks over Diniwid Beach and sits quite literally over the turquoise water.


Spider House

We went a little too early in the morning to get really good pictures, but studying here in-between swims is just dreamy.

Excuse the splodge of the camera. We are still working on our GoPro skills!

Spider House

After reading about the various different types of dives I needed to complete and a little bit about underwater navigation, it was time to jump in and go deeper than 18 metres.

My first dive towards my Advanced Open Water certification was the deep dive which also happened to involve a ship wreck. We took down some objects with us to see what would happen to them at 28/30 metres.

Deep dive egg

I found swimming around the wreck a completely different experience to swimming around a reef. You essentially get a bird’s eye view, it’s like you’re soaring above the sunken vessel, taking your time to look at the details and how it’s turned into an underwater habitat for many fish.

Thankfully I didn’t have any problem equalising at 28 metres, it felt like a normal dive except you use up your air much more quickly so you get less ‘bottom time’.

I am now an Advanced Open Water Certified diver which means I will be able to take part in some exciting dives when we move onto Palawan and Coron.

Yup. That’s me. Not chic at all. More like a little drowned mouse.


Moving on…

The weather over the last few days has been mixed. Its always very warm, even a t-shirt is considered too much clothing, but it has also rained quite a bit!

From this….

IMG_5897 IMG_5924


to this… in no time at all!




After each time the rain has settled, the toads break out in song. At first I thought the locals had a herd of strange cattle hidden somewhere who all began moo-ing… but I have been reliably informed its toads.

Turn up the sound.

Whilst on the topic of local wildlife I feel I need to write an open letter to the mosquitos. I am being bitten alive. Its doesn’t seem fair. I have 3/4 different bite creams, 2 types of preventive measures, one of which melts plastic… It’s super good for your skin. NAWWWT …. and I am now taking vitamin B to change the way I taste. Apparently its the females who bite. Little B*tches. Despite all of this, some of my bites turn into blisters whilst Max’s vanish within 24 hours.

Maccie is being her usual dreamy self. I can’t believe how much she is changing. She is becoming more independent and self-sufficient but she is still the worlds best neck warmer and very much enjoys cuddles.


Anything you notice different about Max?


Outside of her role as chief neck warmer, she enjoys disturbing me whilst I work.


And checking herself out in the window. I think I would if I was this cute.


I have set up a GO FUND ME page in order to raise funds to get Maccie back to the UK. So far it has gone extremely well, we have just over 50% of my target. Thank you to all the 29 donors. If you fancy chipping in to get this little fur baby back on that plane, click on this link:

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