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I was born and raised in Buckinghamshire, England. I am the oldest of 4 (therefore a natural planner and fairly bossy) and was bought up in the countryside surrounded by animals, riding horses, playing hide and seek amongst hay bales and fertiliser bags and generally roaming the green fields. At 18 I went to university in Leeds and moved to London after graduating 4 years later. Presuming I wouldn’t like life in a city, I surprised myself by really falling in love with the crazy, busy fast paced life it has to offer. Only a few months after moving, I met Max (boyfriend, guest writer and CTO-Chief Travel Officer), and after 3 years in London we decided to go on an adventure, whilst we are still young and free and with few responsibilities (thanks for having the dog mum and dad)! Before this trip I hadn’t travelled ‘back packer’ style, so this has been a big, but enjoyable learning curve for me. I love sports, particularly tennis and eventing or actually anything horse-sport related, and I have really got into multi-day hiking on this trip. We have stumbled upon and hand reared two kittens whilst travelling, one is now back in the UK and the other we homed in Ecuador. I could live off yogurt and fruit, I love bread a little too much and I have gained a new love for coriander since travelling South America.


I was Born and raised in Paris but was mostly schooled in the UK therefore languages, places and culture come to me quite naturally. Growing up I was often told that I had the gift of the gab, and so, despite a background in Political Science and International relations, I ended up in sales. Most of the roles I have had have been in the publishing sector but my most recent one delved me in the advertising, tech and marketing industry. It was before university that I got well and truly bitten by the travelling bug when I sailed around the South Pacific on a research boat. Since then I have worked in Bejing, Bangkok, Australia, Manila, Paris, London and travelled all over the place! Im a big basketball fan and a keen runner but generally love the outdoors, be it the mountains or the beach. I love to travel without a plan and be spontaneous, planning is overrated and I think I have now convinced Lottie of this fact. One way to my heart is definitely food, so sampling all the incredible foods and local beers throughout South America has been awesome.


After meeting in London, we have never looked back. 18 months later, whilst on a beautiful hike, Max suggested we take off on a big adventure! So, to make sure we wouldn’t strangle each other, a few months later he moved in and we booked our one way tickets. It’s a big leap to just quit your job and leave what is essentially your “comfort zone”. This entails leaving everything you know for something you ‘don’t know’, with only a very loose plan on what you intend to do and when you will return. Travelling together has been an incredible experience; Max is far more nomadic and finds living out of a bag much easier than me so there are always moments of give and take, and importantly compromise but that’s the beauty of going through something like this in ‘togetherness’, as we call it. Travelling has helped us gain so much and we’ve both learned more about ourselves (and each other) in the last year, than probably the last 10 put together.

We hope the blog inspires you to travel, even if only for a few weeks a year and if you can’t for whatever reason,  you can just enjoy our journey on here!

Love Lottie & Max



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