Jaguar Tour

I had been chatting with Nick from Nicks Adventures Bolivia for a few weeks by the time we arrived in Santa Cruz, where his office is based. Nick offers lots of different tours in Bolivia, including a number of different wildlife tours. Although originally from Australia, Nick has been living in Bolivia for 4 years and is incredibly knowledgeable about what Bolivia offers, which is a lot more than you think, and more than most people see.

When I saw he offered a Jaguar Tour in the depths of the Chaco, a dry, thorny, arid and very dense forest, I immediately wanted to do it.

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Travelling through Paraguay

Our Paraguayan adventure continued from the beautiful ruins in Trinidad to the city!

We caught a bus to Asunción, the capital city of Paraguay and were pleasantly surprised by this charming place with its cobbled streets lined with orange trees, old colonial crumbling buildings, coloured doorways and flags draped all over the place.


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