Diving in Coron

To dive, we had to leave Bamboo Island and take the banca boat to Sangat Island which is around 1 hour away. Luckily there was no wind and unlike every other day, the sea was totally still, it could have been a lake. The journey to Sangat was mesmerisingly beautiful. Along the way, not only was the scenery breathtaking but we saw a few huge turtles!


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Advanced Open Water Certification

After successfully completing my Open Water certification, Max suggested I complete the Advanced certification too. Initially I questioned why bother? Getting my Open Water meant I could happily dive anywhere in the world, right? I also secretly didn’t really want to go through anymore laborious theory! However, to dive most wreck sites and see the bigger fish, you need to dive beyond 18 metres, the maximum depth for an Open Water diver.

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Diving Day One and an Unexpected Find

One of the main reasons we added the Philippines to our adventures was so that Max could become a Dive Master and I could learn how to dive and take part in other island sports. One of the lovely things about diving is that you can do it all over the world, just you and your boyfriend or husband, exploring the ocean. I think that’s a cool idea and what a beautiful place to learn!



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