Kitten Rescue in Boracay

We found ourselves a 1/4 pounder!

There is a McDonalds on Boracay but I’m not talking about that kind of 1/4 pounder. I will explain…

As mentioned in my previous post, we stumbled upon a very poorly little kitten on the way back from buying fruit and veg late one evening. In all honesty, I really didn’t want to get myself into this position of responsibility but after a (very) short discussion with the boss man, we agreed that we could not leave this poor thing to die like its sibling did earlier that day. As I am more of a dog person, I am banking on the fact that I shall not get too emotionally attached. Easy to say, I know…


As soon as we got home, we realised that she was in a really bad way. One of her eyes was swollen and crusted shut, she weighed next to nothing and could hardly stand. Whilst I held her, just in one palm because she was so tiny, Max skyped CGP, a man with a tonne of experience saving stray kitties.  Everyone coo-ed and arg-ed and gave excellent advice. I bathed her in a gentle soap to rid her of as many fleas as possible and gave her some droplets of waters. If she was alive the next day, I had already asked around about a good vet who would understand and not just put her to sleep.



The next day, she was alive and meowing so I took her to the vets. He confirmed she was a female and she weighed in at a 1/4 of a pound, a quarter of what she should have weighed. We therefore decided to call her Maccie, after the 1/4 pounder burger McDonalds offer. He prescribed her some antibiotics for her eye, some multivitamins, a wormer and some tasty food. All this came to less than £6.

When I got her home, I fed her and gave her the medicine she needed. She devoured her food! With the Typhoon and all my diving theory to complete, I knew I would have plenty of time for her over the next few days.

Since finding her 5 days ago, Maccie has gone from strength to strength. In fact she loves food so much, I think she might be half piglet.


She particularly likes coming to nuzzle up near your face.


Her favourite daytime position is under the curtains where the sun hits the floor and where she can watch the trees and bugs outside.



She is now looking like a different kitten. She cleans her own paws, she plays, she asks for food (a lot), she uses a litter tray and she gives more love and affection than any cat I’ve known.

IMG_5690IMG_5629 (1)IMG_5693IMG_5622

She is also incredibly inquisitive and curious. She watches me on my phone, often reaching out to it with her paw and today she learnt how to prevent me from using my laptop.


Look at those big button eyes! You would never have known they got so wide from the first few pictures of her.

So I have completed my dive theory, started my TEFL course and witnessed a Typhoon in action, all accompanied by little Miss Maccie.

I am now on the hunt for a permanent home for her on the island or in the UK. I know the latter is unlikely, but if anyone feels like getting this little darling back to the UK, they can contact me via this blog. If she stays in Boracay, I will pay the vet to spay her when she is old enough so she will never have the burden of having kittens and she can’t create more strays. Unfortunately, the people on the island can do little about their animals reproducing, partly due to poverty but also a lack of education. It’s then a vicious circle of puppies and kittens every season or two.

I know I said I didn’t want to get emotionally attached but she changes daily and has such a character that I know this is likely to end in tears. Hopefully tears of joy, as I drop her off at her new home before we return to the UK.

*** UPDATE: June 2016 Maccie now in the UK enjoying her life in the countryside with my parents. I got emotionally attached! ***

3 thoughts on “Kitten Rescue in Boracay

  1. Christina and Bernard

    This is such a lovely story …… I’m sure there’ll be a happy ending to it. I’m going to see of I can do anything. Kind you Lottie …. not everybody would have done like you. Maccie is so sweet. Much love and keep sending us more posts … they brighten my days ..! Big kiss to Max. Christina xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jess

    Lots! I keep seeing your facebook posts on this little babe and I’m so in love, I so wish I could offer her a home 😦 Really hope you find an amazing family for her. I’ll be following you all on your journey 🙂 Hope you’re having an amazing time. Bess xxx


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