Iguazu Falls & Jesuit Ruins

Unforeseen circumstances meant that a 5 day stay in Buenos Aires actually turned into a three weeks one! I shall not bore you with the details, but in a nut shell, I picked a fight with a world renowned German courier company, whose logo is three letters in red and yellow. Should be fairly easy to work out.

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The Villa O’Higgins – El Chalten Crossing

It was again with heavy hearts that we waved ‘cheerio’ to Pepino, our local host for our unique night in the sleepy village of Villa O’Higgins. Being with him, his animals and our fellow Carretera Austral wanderers, was refreshingly humbling, as I witnessed a way of life that had long disappeared in our modern and aseptic Western societies.

Pepino was an incredibly generous human being  with a heart of gold. Not only did he offer us a place in his garden for our tent, the use of his stove, but he fed us home made empanadas and assisted Lottie in making “the best hot chocolate” she has ever had. EVER. Indeed the milk used in the process was milked that morning and heated on the wood fire oven. Proper rustic, and we love rustic!

Infografia Cruce
Detailed map of the crossing.

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The Carretera Austral: 1200 km of unpaved road

As Lottie is playing catch up on the blogging front, having had no computer for over three months, I’ve stepped in to take over and lighten the load.

Our time on the Island of Chiloé had come to end and with heavy hearts, we said ‘Ciao, no vemos’ to our dear travel companion Michael.


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