An Explosion at Gatwick and Plastic Fantastic Dubai

The day finally arrived after over a year of planning. Our bags were packed, mine slightly more full than Max’s of course.

My Mum and Dad packed the car with us and took us to the airport to catch an evening flight. We planned to stop on the way for some food but disappointingly London traffic had other plans for us and the 22 mile journey to a pub in Surrey took 2.5 hours so we pushed on to the airport as it was now too late to stop. Once we had checked in our bags, we decided to grab supper and luckily La Brasserie at the Sofitel squeezed us in! The food, wine and service were outstanding, I couldn’t recommend it more. Next time we have an early flight from Gatwick North Terminal, I will definitely be booking a room.

By the time we had eaten, it was less than an hour until take off so we left Mum and Dad to finish and made our way to security. As soon as we left the hotel area I noticed a funny smell and smoke. Continue reading “An Explosion at Gatwick and Plastic Fantastic Dubai”